About Us

Who I Am

My name is Imran Kochi. I'm from the Middle East, but I was born and raised in the USA. I come from a big family of 8 including our grandma living in a cramped house. Living in a house where I shared a room always made me want privacy and have a bigger house needing a room for myself. It didn't matter if my family had the money or not it was hard finding a house that had at least 7 rooms and for a reasonable price. That lead to me to wanting to have a big house as one of my dreams, but I would need money and that's how it started.

How I Ended Up Here

My relatives and I met this dude online who had over 100k in his bank account from making an online business. It didn't stop there. His partner buddy had almost ten times the amount he had. They were both in their teens too which gave me motivation to give it a try too. I had a lot of time, so I researched and made this site and that's how I ended here.

My Goal

My goal is to provide a reliable and cheap website for people to buy. I want a website for people to buy items for as cheap as they can. I don't want any of my customers worried about getting scammed. I want a website for my customers to trust and buy cheap items without worries if this website is real or is it just a rip-off website like others.